Tanker Group Knutsen Enhances Ship Connectivity

(Image Courtesy: Knutsen OAS Shipping)

Norwegian tanker group Knutsen has begun enhancing satellite communications across its fleet of 38 vessels by extending its corporate VSAT contract. Knutsen is using this connectivity to explore new ways to further digitalise its fleet of shuttle tankers, LNG carriers, and product and chemical tankers.

To achieve this, Knutsen needed to extend its contract with VSAT service provider Marlink to also include two newbuildings it is planning to add to the fleet. The whole fleet uses Sealink Premium VSAT service, which is a combination of Ku-band VSAT and L-band back-up communications.

This service is used for high bandwidth, reliable global IP connectivity and voice calling. It is also used for replication of onboard and shoreside databases and for transfer of electronic forms and reports. Crew can use VSAT for social media, browse the internet and talk to friends and family at home.

Marlink’s Sealink VSAT features 1 m diameter Ku-band antennas and Xchange communications management units on the vessels. Marlink provides Knutsen with a committed information rate that ensures a minimum level of bandwidth is always accessible. It also provides a faster maximum information rate for times when a burst of data transmissions is needed from the tankers and gas carriers.

(Source: Tanker Shipping & Trade)

Sea News, February 23