Suez Canal to Grant Toll Reductions for Certain LNG Tankers

Image Courtesy: Suez Canal

The Suez Canal Authority has announced toll reductions for LNG tankers that operate between the American Gulf, Arabian Gulf zone, India and its eastern ports. The reductions apply to tankers either loaded or in ballast.

LNG carriers operating in the Arabian Gulf and west of India up to Kochi port will be granted a 30% cut. Tankers transiting East of the Port of Kochi west of India up to the Port of Singapore will be offered a reduction of 40% of the canal dues. For Singapore and its eastern ports, a reduction of 50% will be awarded. However, to avail the concessions, the company would need to submit a request through its shipping agency before transit.

Additionally, the ship must give a formal declaration stating that it will not call any port in between port of origin and port of destination for commercial purposes. In case of calling at in-between ports for non-commercial purposes, the authorities of these ports have to submit a certificate to the SCA, stating the reasons of calling. Also, the company would need to submit a certificate from the last port of origin stating the date of sailing and a certificate from the first port of arrival stating the date of arrival.

It is mandatory for the documentation to be submitted within 60 days from the date of transit.