“K” LINE Holds Environmental Awards 2018 Ceremony

(Image Courtesy: "K" Line)

The “K” Line Group Environmental Awards 2018 were given away on June 5 (Tuesday). The awards were established to recognise outstanding environmental-preservation-contributive activities addressed by executives and employees working throughout the “K” LINE Group.

Activities of six companies and one volunteer group — one for “Grand Award” and six for “Excellence Award” — were selected from such standpoints as “originality,” “challenge level,” “degree of contribution,” “continuity” and “potential for pervasiveness” with representatives from these companies and group receiving the awards from President and CEO, Eizo Murakami.

In addition to these existing awards, the newly established “Sustainability Award” was created to recognize companies or groups which aggressively engage in environmental activities under the principle of “K” LINE Group’s Environmental Promotion System: DRIVE GREEN NETWORK (DGN) that was started last year, the company said.

Awardees of the “K” Line Group Environmental Awards:

Grand Award: CO2 and cost reduction utilizing truck carrier

  1. “K” Line Mobaru Diamond Indonesia (KMDI)

KMDI developed a carrier car (truck carrier) which was able to load four small trucks in tandem with its client, PT Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI) and has been in operation since February 2017.

HMMI used to consign trucks (products) at the factory and since many of these travelled on their own, it was concerned about troubles such as damage during transportation. By developing the truck carrier, KMDI succeeded in decreasing the number of vehicles running on a road and that realized, combined with improvement of transport quality, reduction of fuel consumption.

Excellence Award

  1. Shore power utilization for offshore support ships: K Line Offshore AS
  2. Waste reduction and subsequent freight transport increase by selling waste materials: K Line Container Service (Thailand) Ltd.
  3. Prevention of marine pollution with rust by scatter control and effective rinsing of tug-boats: Daito Corporation
  4. Training and creating environmental awareness amongst crews: “K” Line Ship Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
  5. Environmental preservation activities in Bacolod City, Bohol Island and Manila Bay: Veritas Maritime Corporation
  6. Sato-yama preservation activities at Sarumachi-zuka, the “K” Line’s forest: “K” LINE Satoyama Club

Sustainability Award:

  1. Seagate Corporation
  2. Nitto Total Logistics Ltd.

Sea News, June 8