Greek Shipping Dominates Capital Link Forum in Athens

(Image Courtesy: Greek Tax Experts)

The 2018 Capital Link Greek Shipping Leadership Award was presented to Panos Laskaridis, president, European Community Shipowners Associations; CEO, Lavinia Corporation/Laskaridis Shipping Company Ltd. and Athanasios Laskaridis, chairman and CEO Lavinia Corporation, Lavinia Enterprises Limited and Laskaridis Shipping Company Ltd.

The awards were presented at Capital Link’s 9th Annual Greek Shipping Forum in Athens on Thursday. The award was given in recognition of their contribution to shipping and Greece and for the overall service to the shipping industry.

Capital Link President, Nicolas Bornozis (Image Courtesy: Greek Reporter)

The opportunities and challenges facing Greek shipping were the subject of the high-level conference which provided a forum for a comprehensive review of current trends and outlook of the global economy and the main commodity, energy and shipping markets. The conference in cooperation with NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange attracted over 1,200 participants.

Opening the conference, Capital Link’s President, Nicolas Bornozis highlighted the evolving landscape of the global shipping industry.

“We are in a period of global economic growth and most industry segments are in a recovery and growth mode. At the same time geopolitical developments, increasing regulation, technological innovation and new ways to access capital can have a transformational impact on shipping,” Bornozis said.

(Source: Greek Reporter)

Sea News, February 23