Fujairah Terminals Commences Commercial Operations

Image Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Ports

On September 23, commercial operations officially commenced at Abu Dhabi Ports’ Fujairah Terminals.

AbdulKareem Al Masabi, Executive Vice President-Ports at Abu Dhabi Ports, said, “We are here because our ambition is to replicate the same growth we have experienced and driven at Khalifa and Zayed Ports to Fujairah Terminals. The port is already one of the most important economic and commercial ports operating in the UAE and we are confident we are soon to witness a significant growth in the Port of Fujairah, in addition to a boost to vital industry sectors such as steel.”

Abu Dhabi Ports signed a 35-year concession agreement with the Port of Fujairah earlier this year. According to the agreement, Fujairah Terminals, a new operational arm wholly owned by Abu Dhabi Ports, was established with over AED 1 billion (USD 272 million) earmarked for investment in equipment, and infra and superstructure.

“The opening of Fujairah Terminals today is the culmination of the concession agreement, which included the development of the ports infrastructure, in addition to the establishment of a new container terminal at Fujairah Port with deep berths, allowing larger vessels to enter the port. The port will also be equipped with new and advanced equipment as well as the latest IT systems in line with the highest standards of precision, safety, and speed,” Captain Mousa Murad, General Manager of Port of Fujairah, said.