Exclusive Photo Story: Fully Loaded Shaden Departs for China


Bahri’s VLCC Shaden has left for China after loading US oil at the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP).

LOOP, a deepwater port in the Gulf of Mexico is America’s biggest privately-owned terminal.

The 2017-built Shaden is due to arrive in China on the 8th of April.

Sea News was given these exclusive photos:

The President of LOOP LLC. with his officers on board the Shaden. Courtesy: F. Dsouza
Management teams of LOOP LLC. & Shaden. Courtesy: F. Dsouza
Captain explains the operations. Courtesy: F. Dsouza
The Chief Engineer briefing the team. Courtesy: F. Dsouza
Observing operations. Courtesy: F. Dsouza
Captain showcasing the state-of-the-art gadgetry on board. Courtesy: F. Dsouza

Sea News, February 20