Cocaine Seized from Containership at Brazil’s Port of Santos

(Image Courtyesy: ARX Maritime)

In a major haul on February 14, authorities of Port of Santos detected at least 57 kilograms of cocaine attached to a MSC containership. The contraband was discovered while the ship, MSC Meline was docked in Santos.

“MSC Meline docked at the port on Tuesday when a diver was reported near the ship. The diver fled, leaving behind a waterproof bag with 28 kilograms of cocaine inside. The bag had been covered in a fluorescent substance,” a local Sao Paulo official said.

Local authorities rushed to inspect the ship and examine the crew and captain. Another 2 bags of cocaine were found locked in a steel box, totalling 57 kilograms. By Friday, the authorities had released the vessel and the crew were cleared of any suspicions.

However, the police are trying to ascertain whether the same drug traffickers had planted all three bags, or the bags on board could have been planted at an earlier port. The post-panamax Panama-flagged MSC Meline continued her journey to Rio De Janeiro.

Sea News, February 19