Breaking: Five Persons Killed in India’s Cochin Shipyard

(Image Courtesy: The Hindu)

In a tragic incident on Tuesday morning, at least five persons have been killed and 10 others seriously injured at Cochin Shipyard in India.

The incident occurred due to a massive explosion on the premises of Cochin Shipyard at around 10:45 pm.

The blast took place at the ONGC-owned ship ‘Sagar Bhusha’, which was docked at the Cochin Shipyard for maintenance.

“We are confirming three causalities. More information will be shared during a press conference scheduled at 3 pm (Local Time),” a Cochin Shipyard source told Sea News.

The fire was brought under control around 11:00 am. The injured persons have been shifted to a local hospital. Their condition is stated to be critical.

Sea News, February 13